Reservations can be made electronically, via the website’s booking form, or by phone. Bookings within 48 hours are made by telephone only. In the case of an electronic request, this must be confirmed by our website for this to apply at

All bookings are made for car category and not for specific model.


For categories Α2Μ,Α2S,A4,Β,BA, minimum age of 23 years, for all other categories minimum age of 25 years and not more than 75 years old. For drivers aged 21 to 23 with a premium only.


The driver must hold a driving license for at least one year. Citizens from non-EU countries must hold an international driving license for at least one year and must present their country’s driving license.


Prior to the commencement of the lease, the tenant, or additional drivers, are required to bring with them their original driving license and original ID or passport. Without these documents the lease will not take place.


Car rental always requires a Credit Card as security, even if the tenant pays the rent in cash. The company georgiadis-rentacar
accepts payments with Visa or MasterCard.

The estimated amount of the lease will need to be approved by your credit card at the time of rental. The amount of the guarantee will be released depending on your bank. We are not responsible for any bank charges or bank charges associated with this process.


The minimum car rental time is 2 days (48 hours). Our company allows the tenant a grace period of up to 90 minutes to return the vehicle at no charge. After this period, the tenant will be charged an extra day’s cost.


The free kilometers are 150 daily. Kilometers on bookings over 4 days are free, with the Monthly Free Kilometer limit being up to 4,000km. Extra kilometers are charged from 0.10 to 0.15 / km .


If the tenant wishes to keep the rental vehicle longer than the agreed period, he / she should contact our company and depending on the availability of vehicles the extension of the rental will be indicated or a new lease will be signed.


All fines, infringements and administrative penalties are fully charged by the lessee, who is obliged to pay them to the respective services.


In the event that the plates are removed during any rental from any public authority, the tenant will charge you, in addition to the fine, the rent until the plates are received by the competent authority.


In the event that the key is lost or damaged during the rental, the lessee will charge as much as the car manufacturer or dealer will require.


If canceled at least 7 days prior to arrival, no fee will be charged. For short term cancellations less than 7 days prior to arrival, the deposit will not be refunded. Otherwise, 10% of the total charge will be withheld.

The company will not refund cancellations after the lease commences. Likewise, no refunds can be made if they do not appear at the agreed time and place, or if the necessary documents (driving license and ID card) are not produced.

The company will cancel the booking after three (3) hours. Cancellations must be sent to the company in writing by Email:


The car is delivered and received free of charge, at our company headquarters and at Macedonia Airport, daily from 07:30 to 20:30.

Deliveries and receipts are also made outside the home, by agreement.


Our office is open from 8am to 8pm. Outside of opening hours and days off, delivery and delivery are made in consultation with the company. Extra hours may be charged for delivery if the vehicle is delivered.


If the leased vehicle is returned before the expiry date, there will be no refund.


If the vehicle is returned to its interior in a condition that does not come back with simple cleaning (seats, roof, stains, sand, hair, etc.), the tenant will incur a charge of 60,00 €. In the case of damage caused by the lessee (eg burning), there will be a corresponding charge, depending on the damage.


The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel as it had received. Otherwise the customer will be charged for his feedback. There is no refund for unused fuel.

ACCESSORY: Κατόπιν αιτήματος

Baby Booster Seat: 2€ per day, max charge20€. For safety reasons the child seats are adjusted by the parent.

GPS: 3€ per day, max charge 30€.

Snow chains from 15€ to 40€ depending on the dimensions of the tire.


In some special cases the company has the right to change the type of car and to offer a different type of car than the original booking, with a corresponding or higher category.


Crossing the border into another country is not allowed.


Only with prior written approval. Any insurance that may cause damage to the rental car during transportation is not covered by any insurance.


In case of damage or accident, the lessee is obliged to inform the company and the Accident Care immediately, otherwise no damage is recognized and this is fully incurred by the lessee even if the lessee has chosen full coverage.


The Basic Vehicle rental insurance coverage includes:

    • Liability with maximum coverage for personal injury to third parties, up to $ 1,220. € 000, including on-board passengers.
    • Material damage to third parties (per accident), up to € 1,220,000
    • Roadside assistance and accident care.


  • Car Accident Coverage for a Capital of 15,000 €.

What’s not >

Theft of personal belongings on or in the vehicle

Death of company vehicle driver deaths

Company vehicle damage. </ / span>

Mixed Security also known as CDW >

In case of damage to our vehicle, the renter is covered for the repair cost

However, it still has to pay the amount of damage liability up to < / span>

    • 300 € for categories A < span style = “font-family: Bookman Old Style, serif;”> 2 and A4, costing € 3 per day.


    • € 400 for categories B < span style = “font-family: Bookman Old Style, serif;”> , C , CA , at $ 4 per day.
    • 500 € for categories D < span style = “font-family: Bookman Old Style, serif;”> , DD , DDA T 1, for $ 5 per day.
    • 600 € for categories F < span style = “font-family: Bookman Old Style, serif;”> , FD , FDA , at $ 5 per day.
    • 700 € for categories FL < span style = “font-family: Bookman Old Style, serif;”> , FLD , FLDA , FV 7, T 2, span> T > 3, for 7 euros a day. </ sp an>
    • € 900 for categories L < span style = “font-family: Bookman Old Style, serif;”> , 9, for $ 10 per day.
    • € 1200 for categories MJ < span style = “font-family: Bookman Old Style, serif;”> , , at 15 € per day.

What’s not >

Intentional damage caused by negligence

Damage caused by improper fuel use

Damages resulting from breach of contract terms

Damage to the bottom, roof, antenna, mirrors and tires.


The tenant is exempt from liability for car damage, fire and theft if he accepts the terms of the contract.

What’s not 

Intentional damage caused by negligence

Damage caused by improper fuel use

Damages resulting from breach of contract terms

Damages caused by natural disasters or terrorist acts

Damage caused while our car was on a boat 


3 € per day for categories A2, A4, B, NE, C, CA , T1.

5 € per day D , DD , DDA,  F , FA ,  FDA  , T2, T3.

7 € per day FL, FD  , FLD , FLDA,  FV , FV 7.

10 € per day for categories L,MJ  ,SC , V9.

Theft Cover (TP):

The tenant is free from liability for partial or total theft of the car if he or she accepts the terms of the contract. and is included in the price.

If not included, the cost is 4€ per day for the categories A2, A4, B, BA, C, CA, D, DA, DD, DDA, T1, 6€ per day for the categories F, FA, FD, FDA, FL, FLA, FLD, FLDA, FV, FV7, T2, T3 and

10€ per day for the categories  L, MJ, SC, V9.

What is not covered

Theft of all or part of the car caused by the negligence of the tenant.(eg. if the key is forgotten inside the car, or if the car ramains unlocked).


It covers the crystal breaking of the vehicle if it accepts the terms of the contract and is included in the price.

What is not covered

Damages caused by negligence.

Damages resulting from breach of contract terms

Damage caused by natural disasters of terrorist acts

Damage caused while our car was on a boat


Damage to the floor and tires of the rental car, whick was caused by improper or deliberate handling while driving. Damage caused while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Damage while driving the rental car from unauthorized persons at the point of lease.


The driver is charged 15€ in the event of an accident, that is his fault. You will not refund this amount


All vehicles provide 24-hour roadside assistance throughout Greece and accident care.


All prices and charges stated on the form are subject to 24% VAT and in some municipalities 0.5%.


The terms and prices of this pricelist can be changed without notice.


1. No verbal agreements.

2. The place of jurisdiction for any dispute shall be the Courts of Thessaloniki.