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Georgiadis Rent a Car

Georgiadis-rerntacar welcomes you to Thessaloniki, the city with its 2300 years of history and unique monuments.

Georgiadis-rentacar, car hire is based in Thessaloniki. We ensure you quality and unbeatable prices in the area of ​​car rental and long term leasing. Our specialized staff with friendly and fast service make it a priority to offer rental cars that meet the needs of your customers, offering travel solutions for your vacation or business needs, at an affordable price.

Our fleet covers a very wide range of new car models. With manual or automatic transmission, petrol or diesel, open vehicles, jeeps and SUVs as well as luxury cars to meet all requirements. Our cars are thoroughly inspected before delivery to the customer and have 24-hour roadside assistance for your complete safety.

The headquarters of georgiadis-rentacar are located at Evosmos Thessaloniki, an extension of Maandrou Street, before the Allied Street. We also have a branch in Afitos Halkidiki. However, we also serve many other stations that can be consulted in the booking table.

We offer 24-hour telephone support in Greek, German and English.


Moving you to the best conditions at the lowest prices, as well as immediate personal care and customer service, are our top priority. As our customer, you benefit from continuously controlled high quality vehicles with the best insurance packages that fully guarantee you and allow you to use your vehicle carelessly. Trust, reliability and consistency are at the heart of our business policy.

Thank you for your interest in georgiadis-rentacar and we wish you a pleasant and safe trip.